The development of SCCAIR shock absorbers starts from three aspects.

The pneumatic-optimized shock absorber core, designed with a two-cylinder compound configuration and a variable valve to enhance the adsorption force of the car on the ground while in motion, offers a considerable sag range.

The integrated air spring and top seat of the shock absorber work to better absorb shock on the ground.

The air spring is made of imported natural rubber, neoprene anti-aging agent, skeleton dense cloth layer, and blast resistance that can absorb up to 3.0 MPa of pressure.

SCCAIR uses attenuation in response to more flexible piston values.

In the compression stroke, the damping is first small and then large.

In the initial stage of extrusion, the cylinder core of shock absorber absorbs most of the impact through low damping, and supports the body through high damping to reduce the roll magnitude, hence maintaining both comfort and control.