Sccair limited edition of 2021 spring and summer T-shirt

Price: ¥168.00

• The product fabrics are 100% washed cotton, moderate hardness, stiff and stylish, not easy to fade

•  The neckline is moderately elastic, double-layer reinforced, durable and not easily deformed

• According to the two dimensions of stitching and printing, the product design has launched 4 styles

• Simple reflective hot stamping, simple reflective printing anti-bone suture, three-dimensional printing, three-dimensional printing anti-bone suture

• The biggest feature of reflective hot stamping is breathability, color flow, and delicate touch

• The most attractive thing about 3D printing is its layering

• Anti-suturing public welfare, which seems to violate the traditional aesthetics, but it shows the occasional independent and special self